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Timothy Newman

My Story


Who is Timothy Newman?

Having been born in the mid-1960s in the leafy countryside of West Sussex, my life, to a certain degree was always going to be a safe one. My parents, both professional people strode to give me the best education that I could possibly have.

I started my life’s journey at Pre-Prep school, which belonged to the Church of England, I then went on to Prep school just across the road from where I had been for three years.

I then graduated onto my formative teenage years leaving Prep school at thirteen and going to an acclaimed Private Church of England school in Tonbridge.

School for me was glorious I enjoyed being taught and I especially enjoyed all the after-school clubs, like the book club, the music club, where I played the tuba, drama club, and probably the best one of all was the Choir.

After Sixth Form College I believe my parents felt I let them down, as I had been expected to read Medicine at the University of Dundee, however, there was an entrepreneur inside of me. I began as a general importer/exporter and wholesaler; by 1987 my first manufacturing venture was underway.

After a slow start, I gradually grew the business, year after year until in 1997, I had an offer that I could not refuse. I paid off my parent’s mortgage as a way of saying I told you so, this would not have happened if I had gone to Dundee and become a doctor. With no debts, I decided for a complete change, and I decided to take a year or two out and to take myself on a pilgrimage to Europe to visit all the religious and cultural places that I had longed to visit. It was whilst I was visiting the Sistine Chapel that I met my wife and future business partner.

It was after my pilgrimage had really run its course and I had married my Italian beauty, that we decided to go to Luxembourg and move into business once again, however this time it was going to be different. Instead of working all the hours that were possible this International Import/Export business, that we successfully set up provided me with the lifestyle where I could enjoy my children, my wife, and all my interests, such as literature, culture, music, and of course giving me time to help the church and associated charities.

I am still in business, but I probably spend only a quarter of my time in the office, the remainder of my time is spent enjoying lots of outdoor activities such as horse riding with my family, helping with various charities, and giving free advice to young entrepreneurs. I am always keen to look at new ideas and startups especially if they are environmentally friendly, as we have to look after our wonderful planet.    


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My Journey

My journey in life is still not complete, there are many things that I want to achieve and many adventures I still want to plan and accomplish.

I have always had a healthy life/work balance and I advise you to do the same, you should also never forget your family and the people you love and hold dear.

Life is very short, you only have one chance at it, if you have the opportunity to travel and see new places then do it.